“Nature and love for the earth enthusiasm and spirit of sacrifice.This is my life and the way i choose to live it.”(Paolo Bonelli)

A strong and indissoluble bond is that one that joins Paolo Bonelli,the owner of Le Calde holidays and nature,with the territory and the nature of this corner of peace on the green hills of Pescia.

A bond that starts far from here since they still did not think about the turistic vocation of the place and the only possible business with devotion and spirit of sacrifice during the years.He renewed and developed the business also thanks to the using of advanced facilities and of advanced mechanical vehicles.

This constant passion allowed him to be able today to provide a service that goes beyond the simple  supplyng of firewood.He is able to suggest and direct peolple who choose this ecological and extremely econimic system to use it for the heating of their houses.
For information and supplies of firewood: Paolo Bonelli +39 338.2316010