Choco Moments

March 15, 2012

The surrounding of the promenade of Viareggio best chocolate artisans of Italy exhibit different interpretations of chocolate with events, live events, demonstrations, workshops and lots of fun. For everyone: young and old.
History, culture, taste and passion combine to leave an imprint of sweet chocolate.

The events include:

History of Chocolate
Chocoscuola: Friday and Saturday tour dedicated to the schools. A complete program: “Knowing the chocolate”, full of information, curiosity and tastings.

Entertainment Chocolate: the moments for children include the presence of skilled animators.
Babychoco: daily space for children where improvise and have fun with chocolate.

Do not miss:
The Chocolate Factory: daily from 9:30 to 20:00 Maestrone Giancarlo, a distinguished Master Chocolatier, will lead us into the world of chocolate, from the processing of cocoa beans to the finished product.

Chocolate and … all day (cost 3 euros), for each tasting at the Chocolate Factory
Coffee & Chocolate at 14:00
Bread & Chocolate Cakes at 15:00
Wine & Chocolate at 16:00
to follow Grappa & Chocolate

The Dark Night: a real long night for “stay awake” and once again enjoy all the delicacies offered by the Master Chocolatiers. For the occasion all the stands will be open, in extraordinary: up to 23:00. On stage at the Promenade will alternate artists from different backgrounds the main theme of “performance” will be according to the chocolate.

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