pinocchio park reopening

March 1, 2012

Saturday, March 3 reopens Pinocchio Park. And this year the event will be also accompanied the inauguration of an exhibition very attractive: “Pinocchio meets the chocolate …”. For a weekend of fantasy

The Park of Pinocchio

Located in Collodi, a small fraction of Pescia (PT) and opened in 1956, does not look like the usual amusement park, but rather as a precious masterpiece created by artists of great value. The location of the park is developed taking into account the episodes of the story and is marked by mosaics, sculptures and buildings surrounded by greenery. The course is tortuous, and every step thanks to the lush vegetation of Tuscany, is surprising and unexpected. Here, nature and art blend perfectly helping to create the magical atmosphere of the Adventures of Pinocchio. The park also presents itself as a place of cultural activities always new but never forgetful of his roots: exhibitions of art and illustration, puppet-making workshops, puppet shows, puppet shows and storytellers enrich, according to the season, the visit of the Park . This year the park’s reopening coincides with the inauguration of the exhibition “Pinocchio meets the chocolate …”
A delicious event

From March 3 to April 15, 18 panels painted by the artist and designer Riccardo Factors – dedicated to the famous puppet – are on display in an exhibition titled “Pinocchio meets the chocolate …”. The beautiful designs will not only serve to illustrate the story visually, but

also “dress” the delicious chocolate bars of La Molina, on occasion, present its line of high quality chocolate for children created by master chocolatiers Riccardo and Massimiliano Lunardi. The event is presented as a true marriage of goodness and creativity between the bars of chocolate, play with and delight the palate, and the tables drawn that – for the occasion – have become a fun coloring books for children (Pinocchio inside the box, the gift box that will be distributed to all children). The official opening of the park and the exhibition will be held at 11 am on the premises of the Museum of Pinocchio and will continue until late afternoon. During the day young and old can participate in the workshop inspired by the chocolate chocolate Riccardo and Massimiliano Lunardi who, like two good Geppetti, intaglieranno strains of exquisite chocolate. A delicious event

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