March 1, 2012

From 9 to 11 March, the best chocolate artisans of Italy meet in Siena for CiocoSi, the great festival of handmade chocolates in Piazza del Campo, signed ChocoMoments, with a rich program of events with live events, tastings, workshops and much entertainment for adults and children.

Eighty-four banks in the market town of Siena will be set up inside the shell with the creative ideas of the masters of chocolate chocolate.
Among them is the presence of the acai (the National Association of Italian Artisans Chocolatiers) chaired by Maurizio Obialero was established in 2007 to protect and enhance the pure chocolate.

A journey to the roots of what is called the “food of the gods” – which will start from the discovery of the ancient origins of the cacao cultivated by the Maya for the first time in Mexican lands which lie between the peninsula of Yucatan, Chiapas and the Pacific coast of Guatemala, to arrive to investigate the modern techniques used today in the work.

During the event, the sculptor Angelo Ficola will honor the city of Siena with a work to savor, made with chocolate and representing the Town Hall.

It begins Friday, March 9 with the opening ceremony of the event at 12 in the presence of authorities will receive a plate of chocolate.
In Piazza del Campo will feature the Chocolate Factory, in which every day from 9.30 to 20, the distinguished master chocolatier Giancarlo Maestrone lead the audience into the world of chocolate through a journey of taste that illustrates step by step processing: from cocoa bean to finished product.

School students will participate in the project know as chocolate, a journey that will take place on Friday and Saturday, and will provide information and tidbits about the history of chocolate through a series of meetings with chocolate Chocomoments.

For the smaller space will be dedicated Babychoco which can play and improvise with the chocolate, the participating laboratories and testing himself in the creation of jobs with chocolates and chocolate with all the necessary equipment: aprons, hats, gloves and equipment for processing, in most will have fun with the entertainers who will make clowns and balloons gift will animate the day Saturday and Sunday with music and games.

For fans of the tastings, the program of events will propose at the Chocolate & … Chocolate Factory, tasty coffee and chocolate pairings, sweet bread and chocolate.
The tasting of wine, brandy and chocolate will be implemented in collaboration with Italian wine cellar.
The tester Erminia lead chocolate tastings in conjunction with and involve the children by telling them the story of chocolate.

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